Panashe Mukuruva

Director and co-founder

Hey my name Is Panashe Mukuruva, one of the passionate forces behind Champion Care, bringing a fresh and dynamic perspective to the world of disability support. With several years of dedicated experience in the disability sector, my journey has been shaped by a profound commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those I serve.

My passion for health, fitness, and connecting people serves as a unique backdrop to my approach in championing comprehensive care. Recognizing the intricate link between holistic well-being and disability support, I am driven to foster a community that not only meets the practical needs of individuals but also empowers them to thrive in every aspect of life.

At Champion Care, we bring a youthful energy coupled with a seasoned understanding of the complexities within the disability landscape. My goal is to redefine the standards of care by integrating innovative solutions and personalized attention. I firmly believe that everyone deserves access to quality care that not only meets their immediate needs but also nurtures their long-term aspirations.

Beyond my professional endeavours, I am an advocate for inclusivity, personal growth, and community engagement. Champion Care is not just a business to me; it's a platform where compassion meets innovation, and where individuals with unique abilities are championed on their journey to a fulfilling life.

Are you ready to live life on your terms?