DAILY Living Support

Champion care Daily Living Support provides our participants with a service that will help you with your daily tasks and goals that will not only assist you in your day-to-day endeavours but also enable you to live more independently. Whenever you require, from morning to night our friendly staff are there to support you with anything you might need. Whether that is completing your morning routine, going out into the community, or preparing meals, our staff are there and ready to help.

This offered support will allow participants to not only achieve their own goals but will also provide a sense of achievement and fulfilment to their day-to-day lives.

Why Champion Care daily living supports are so valuable

The value sits within our values as company. We want to help you live like a CHAMPION.

Our goal to is to enable you to live as independently as possible on your own terms. We do this by meeting with you and creating a personalised program designed specifically for you and your goals. The program looks at your interests and ambitions and ties the two together into a plan that will assist you in living a life full of purpose and happiness.

Some of the services we assist you with are

  • Personal hygiene assistance (grooming, dressing, toileting)
  • Food preparation and food education
  • Support with household tasks (shopping, budgeting, cleaning…etc)
  • Time management
  • Community access
  • Assistance with health and fitness (visit our exercise and physiology page…)
  • Encouraging independence to make your own choices
  • Hobbies and recreational activities
  • Skill development
  • Collaborating with you to create routines and programs that align with your goals
  • Accompanying you to activities and appointments
  • Assisting you in booking activities and appointments
  • Medication administration
  • Transportation