Travel & Transportation Assistance

Champion Care Travel and Transportation provides our participants with the opportunity to learn the necessary skills involved with traveling by yourself safely and efficiently, so you can live more independently and do the things you really enjoy. We also offer a transportation service where we will come pick you up, take you to your desired location and pick up when requested.

Travel training

We assist our participants in learning how to navigate and travel to their desired destinations. Bus, train, tram, walking, biking, or driving we will assist you in getting comfortable with your journey. Through repetitive trips and personalised programs, you will learn the necessary skills to help you Travel independently and safely. You will learn navigation, observation, organisation, communication, and street-smart tips that will not only help you in your independent travels but in your everyday life, as these skills can be translated into anything that you do.

Benefits of learning to travel independently

  • Increased confidence
  • Communication skills
  • Navigational understanding
  • Improved organisational skills
  • Improved observational skills
  • Improved memory
  • Exposure to new places and environments


Champion care will pick you up and drop you off to your desired location. Weather this is to an appointment, function, or sports game, we will provide you with one of our friendly staff to assist you throughout the duration of your activities.

What a day of travel training might look like

A typical day of travel training with us may begin with us meeting you at your place and preparing you with everything you need for the day ahead. We will then work out a plan with you and determine a location and the mode of transport we will be taking. Together with your support worker you will navigate your way to your desired location, learning the required skills to get you there safely and efficiently overcoming any challenges on the way. This program can go for as long as you need it to and can be continued even after you feel confident going out by yourself.